Why I Hate Alarm Clocks

If there is one object I viscerally hate with every molecule of my being, it has to be the innocent-looking alarm clock.

For the longest time, I had been a slave to the alarm clock and over the recent months, based on the experiments I did on myself, I am happy to share this: I don't need it any more! Good Riddance!

My experiments involved high-risk, high-stakes. What will you do when you have an early morning meeting which you cannot miss? What will you do when you have an early morning flight to catch? Do you set alarm and then wake up before the scheduled time with fear, snooze every now and then, shuddering to think about the worst-case scenario?

Having been a student of circadian rhythms, although I had programmed my subconscious to not need an alarm clock for my everyday schedule, it pained me to see that I needed it whenever I had an early morning flight to catch. And so, few months back, when I had a flight to catch, I set myself this do-or-die experiment. Can I trust my subconscious to wake me up when I have a flight to catch?

The good news is, you don't need an alarm clock in your life at all. 

Sleep is the most fascinating janitor you could ever employ in your life to manage the house you call as your body. Sleep organizes unopened tabs of your mind. It flushes out unwanted emotions through dreams with no-headset-VR effects and when you wake up, conscious of your last dream, you have a key insight to figure out what triggered that emotion in the first place. 

If you understand the process of sleep better, you would understand that waking up with alarm is the most violent thing you could do to your body.