Venky Ramachandran offers consulting services in four broad domains:

 1) Agritech: Helping agritech founders build better platforms to solve challenging problems in agriculture. You can check out his agribusiness writings in Agribusiness Matters.

2) Product Management: Helping product founders shape products better and make faster progress. 

3) Storytelling: Helping organizations and individuals leverage the power of storytelling. 

4) Leadership: Exploring indic wisdom and turning inwards to find answers for leadership in a VUCA World. Visit Quinnergy website to learn more. 

Brief details of current engagement are below. ( Updated as on 25th June 2020)

1. WinAim Compliance Traceability Network: Product Management (Ongoing, 11/19-)
2. Anasuya Food Forest & Experiences: Storytelling (Ongoing, 11/19-)

3. DISAGRO:Agritech: e-Commerce Strategy in Central America (Ongoing, 11/19-)
4. Highbrow Diligence Services: Product Management (Ongoing, 1/20-)

You can check out his LinkedIn profile for more on his professional background. If you’d like to hire him for a project, please get in touch.