The True Price of Entrepreneurship

What is the true price of Entrepreneurship?


After working my ass off over the past week, I spent Saturday like a Saturday should be. What can be more rewarding than reading RK Narayan on Saturday?

As I let my nerves to unwind after an intense week of entrepreneurship (read as maddeningly intense bout of workaholism to get things done) , I realized a very discomforting fact.

When you are in "Entrepreneur" mode, you are stripped of every iota of natural curiosity reserves you have in "Storyteller" mode. You operate with blinkers on to get things done.

It's extremely hard to be curious about the world, and acknowledge the physical,tangible world when you are operating in that mode. Even when you are engaging with others (human and otherwise), if you are not conscious, you end up using others for your means. 

When I operate in storyteller mode, I engage with the world without any agenda. I try my best to observe without judgement and engage in the rewarding act of seeing myself in the world that you and I inhabit.

Perhaps, to make a dent, being an Entrepreneur helps. For bigger things - living and meaning, try being a storyteller.