Invasive Artificial Intelligence

In one podcast about depression, celebrity chef David Chang, mentee of the late Chef Anthony Bourdain, described it in a way that stung my heart badly.

Very badly.

"[Depression is] “like fighting some kind of invasive artificial intelligence of my psyche... It is constantly observing and getting data on how I am trying to beat this thing... And after a 15-plus-year battle with it, it is an incredibly complex organism. That is smarter than I am half the time..."

Who is this phantom? Can we outsmart this phantom who pretends to be us, questions every intent, every action and take us to court for every shrapnel of memory piercing through our skins in every living moment?
David Chang is not alone.
Dig six inches deeper behind everyone who tells you their story to the world outside with relentless positivity. Chances are, you may be meeting someone sailing in rough waters, struggling with denial or worse, a fragile mask that could break apart anytime. 

In my yoga practice, I have discovered a lifejacket which sails me through rough winds, and serendipitously, David also touches briefly about it.

"Work should never give you meaning"
It's tough. I know, especially in an age when careers have become the endless reality show running 24 X 7 across our social media lives. But, honestly, there's no other way out!