What LinkedIn Tells Me Everyday

I have been prolifically active in LinkedIn since 2014. It has been a blessing. It has been my favourite laboratory and sandbox to learn about the mind of the market and the market of the mind. As much as I love this platform, I am aware of its biases.

Every day I am told by LinkedIn that

❆ A professional, to borrow a phrase from William Gaddis, is nothing but the dregs of his work.

❆ I shall quell romantic notions and learn to demarcate between my professional and personal self.

❆ My work experience shall be an artefact to be churned, polished and referenced, to keep the grist mills of thought leadership running.

❆ I have to write about what I know in order to be known for what I know.

❆ My work journey is a linear order of roles that I play.

❆ Reach of my network trumps the context of my professional relationships.

❆ Endorsements are cute euphemisms for "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"

❆ I have to write often to stay perennially in the radar of attention of my community

❆ It's a crime to hibernate for profile views unlock success in my professional life

I do my best to subvert all these in doing what I do in LinkedIn. But, it's important to state these biases out. Any other biases would you like to add?