On Writer's Block and Writer's Vomit

There are days when I suffer from writer's block and there are also days when I suffer from writer's vomit.

When I suffer from writer's block, I feel inadequate. I fear someone would find out that I have a shallow understanding of that subject that I am writing. Imposter Syndrome kicks in. I fear I would be exposed as a fraud who uses his writing skills to couch his imperfect knowledge.

When I suffer from writer's vomit, I feel overwhelmed. My mind is writing, even when I don't want it to. My metaphor sandbox gets too busy and starts trying out different metaphors that would convey the embodied understanding that is waiting to be sensed inside the noodle soup of my veins.

When I have writer's block, clicking "Publish/Post" is an act of courage. There is a subtle pit that hits your stomach and it takes a couple of deep breaths to let go of what I shipped.

When I have writer's vomit, to repudiate the writer inside is an act of courage. "I write, therefore I am" changes into "I am, and so I write". Breathing becomes a powerful tool to love the human who doesn't want words to remind himself that he is human.

Both are not happy places to be. The art lies in discovering the balance so that I write when I want to, and I breathe, when I don't want to