Nosumer Media in the Brave New Age of Work

Sajith Pai has an uncanny ability of coining neologisms which stick. The last time he coined 'Indo Anglian', I took to it as a fish would to water.

When Maggie Inbamuthiah and I articulated the vision of the Mandram Community that we are building, it felt obvious to state this: Mandram is a community and movement led by us, the Indo Anglians, who have started to yearn for our indic, native language brain that we once had access to. 

And now, he is back with yet another catchy neologism. This time it is 'Nosumer Media', a new category of media led by creators who are happier to have no consumers, as they are more interested in the joy and the process of creation and the inevitable social experiments that follow it. This neologism may not become as viral as 'Indo Anglian' did. But, I guess, it will stick for a niche group of creators, like me who enjoy blogging for the sake of blogging. 

I've been running a one man 'Nosumer media' org for more than a decade now. Why bother to blog in the first place for a nosumer - no consumer ? And what does it mean for the gig economy?