Rhapsody Of Madness

How does one explain the tragic human condition which turns so surreal that what you see inside the celluloid is exactly what is happening outside ?

 In that iconic moment of the film, when Joker dances gracefully to the morbid rhythms of a human mind careening towards insanity, there was an eerie moment of silence in the theater. 
At first one lone voice howled out in adoration. 
And then another clapped. 
And then another whistled. 

In no time, the voices inside and outside the celluloid came together in unison and savoured the rhapsody of madness. 

Ever since Joker movie got rave response from audience worldwide, it was evident that it had touched a raw zeitgeist nerve. When the world doesn't make any sense any more, how do humans cope with the dreadful act of living? I recently spoke to an entrepreneur who bamboozled me when he said that he derives inspiration from Joker. 

What is it about this film that connects so deeply with the times we live in? 

Is it because, like Arthur Fleck, we too realize that there is literally no one to listen to the clinical case history defining humans on earth : Chronic paranoid delusions about the reality we live in. 

Or is it because in the bottom of our hearts we feel entitled to project our realities onto others and rebuild the world in our own image?