Not Another Brick In The Wall

"..I somehow knew this...the present schooling system was not the best that we could have come up with to educate our children. We who have come up with wondrous symphonies, unbelievable art work, innumerable myths and stories to explain the mystery of human life, could have come with something way way better, something much closer to the way all of us learn, something that gives space to our curiosity and not a system that systematically destroys it..."
Amit is not just a dear friend of mine in Hyderabad, but my oasis of silence and reflection in this noisy modern world. In this TEDx talk at IIT Kanpur, he shares his journey so far. The transcript can be found here. This should take you around 10-12 mts, if you choose to read in one go. I think you will like it. You can view the video here. Do share your thoughts/comments.