What I learn in LinkedIn

My new post examining the subtle messages conveyed by LinkedIn platform is here. It is very brief.I  should not take you more than two minutes to read. Do check it out and share your thoughts. 


Emeri Gent [Em] said...

We have made progress in the last 20 years. We have moved from Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry, Be Happy" to Pharrel Williams "Happy" but we still have not figured out what Aristotle meant when he spoke of happiness being a virtue. Now all we have to do is actually be happy.

There is happiness to be gained from observing the rat race. We don't change happiness by being more certain of what LinkedIn is - it is a container and for the most part people seem to gravitate to being contained. As I see it, my job is to find the virtue in the container being so contained for there is still a lot of virtue within it - "a.k.a. many good people".

The virtue I have so far found has been outside the container but being outside while still understanding that I am still contained, at least that is represents a conscious choice. Where we are not contained is in the natural wilderness - but where we are no longer a naked animal, there we have chosen our clothing and our container - the one thing I do know for sure is that I would not last even a week in the wilderness.

If LinkedIn was founded in 2003, how did it have my social graph going five years before that for LinkedIn knew who I was talking to in 1998, even though I had joined LinkedIn in 2014? At least I admire the chutzpah of having access to that data trail - but the more I think about this, it can only hurt my "inner acxiom" - so I will try to focus on being human rather than being an "acxiomed" media product.

Happiness is a virtue, LinkedIn is a property and even if I may see that I am networking with humans who have become properties, I can still also neural network with virtue - for the network is whatever we perceive it to be, and to master it we don't need to list our containment - but enlist our virtue. The neural network is what releases us from the container that is the digital one - or as Darth Vader said "Luke, I am your father".


Venkataraman said...

What a lovely comment, encapsulating the whole cosmic view when it comes to containers & human properties. Like you rightly pointed out, there is a great value in observing real human connections which happen despite the commodification of selves in display @ LinkedIn. For instance, I cherish observing how you go about conducting your business with mindfulness in a space like this and it inspires me! Hope you are doing well, my dear friend!