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I wish there were a switch that could turn off the gravitational force in this Earth whenever we wish.  Yes! You heard me right. No gravity! The switch is no universal switch. Its an entirely personal switch manufactured to suit each individual. Apple or Nokia guys could probably innovate and integrate this switch in cell phone so that one  simply has to press a button in the cell to experience the wonder of zero-gravity. Before you begin to imagine a world that would look like Steven Spielberg's science fantasies, let me make few caveats. I am no expert in Science. Although I understand Science, my understanding is as ordinary as any layman you would find in the street. I respect the laws of Science and above all Nature. I also respect Isaac Newton. My writing isn't a exercise in disrespect. I am simply wondering how our lives would be, if we had the power to shut down  the most important force which, more often, becomes a huge stumbling block and imprisons our lives. Let me explain how. 

When the apple fell on the head of Newton, he discovered the life-force which provides the sustenance for mankind in this planet Earth. Seriously, we would be dead if there were no gravity at all. There wouldn't have been any attractive force between atoms, which, in human terms, meant that there wouldn't have been any smidgen of LOVE in this Earth. Its even impossible to imagine a world without love. I say this, assuming you know, that love is not an emotion. It is the substratum of our existence. I know this line sounds difficult to digest. My previous line would look like Greek  , if in the worst case, god forbid, you are reading this after a breakup. Howsoever, the truth still remains. Just because our vision blurs with age, we don't say that our eyes don't work or exist!
With all due respect, I only have one gripe against Isaac Newton. While he conceptualized the gravitational force, he formulated the famous laws of motion, where, he made a grand assumption that this universe worked like a machine. It simply boggles my mind to conceive the shattering  implications this erroneous assumption had. The biggest implication being, human beings began to think like machines,in other words, mechanistically. What started with the Universe obviously had to come down to its inhabitants. This is where the problem began. Remember those good ol' days when we used to change the nob of the transistor until we heard some nice music?  Similarly, we began to exploit another to achieve until we got what we desired. This also means that the power to change the levers existed in the hands of the few. This created the fundamental schism(or in simple terms, division) in mankind that has now grown into a Frankenstein monster in various forms like terrorism, sectarianism, fundamentalism, communism and other isms. Can you imagine the grand scale of destruction these isms have caused in mankind? Although some might argue that this is a necessary part of evolution, I wonder, if we had to pay such a big price for it. This schism destructed not just the humans but our precious environment too. Not a day passes without a news about a species getting extinct! 

When we think mechanistically, what we create also imbibe the same features. Mankind began to create factories and other organisations which operated like machines. No wonder efficiency was the management paradigm of the twentieth century! When we begin to operate organisations like machines, people who worked in such organisations were treated as the cogs in the wheel of the life-less organisation!

In the sands of time, we have no choice but to evolve. The perspectives had  to change. Theory of Relativity, later culminating into Quantum Physics shook mankind to the core. The universe wasn't as mankind thought it to be.  We no longer live in a mechanistic world, which exists distinct from us.  We are indeed part of this Universe. How the universe could exist without us, the grand spectator, who is able to perceive the universe in its totality? This meant that this world was a living being, sentient being, full of dynamic, interconnected phenomena of networks, of which all living things are an essential part, although never apart from the whole. 

This radical view disrupted the roots of all institutions which were built in the twentieth century. Thanks to Rachel Carson, people began to realize that the future of mankind was inevitably linked with the fate of the planet Earth. Environmental consciousness began to dawn.

If such a paradigm shift is happening, why on Earth am I making a ambitious wish that humans had the power to turn off the gravity force for a while? While the world is changing, unfortunately, we have some remnants of this old mechanistic thinking within us. Some of the blame can be attributed to our parental influence. We were led to believe that life was one big rat race and we had to work our ass off to obtain maximum possible  benefit  from this complex machine called LIFE.  Our parents struggled throughout their lives and through their experience found the best set of levers that could be used to obtain maximum prosperity from this machine. Hard-work, discipline were few of those controls. They found that if these levers were used for a sufficient period of time, life could be made more prosperous and as a final result, more joyful. While they were too busy applying these levers, they forgot that they had to live in this planet Earth. 

How could they ever forget that? Now forget about them. Let us look into our lives. Are we leading programmed lives or are we really living in this beautiful world? Not sure, ask this question to yourself. Rewind your life right to the day you were born. If you were to make a movie out of your life you have lived today, will it be interesting to watch? Will it become a block-buster hit? If few scenes in that movie were so boring, then you must have led a mechanistic life for that period of time. Now imagine how the scene would have turned out, if you had this wonderful switch ? How interesting your life would have turned out to be? I know what you are thinking. You cant wish to have this switch permanently turned on. Your life would be total chaos then. There wouldn't be any purpose for living. You need this switch only when you think your life movie is turning out to be boring.

Look deep inside and realize that you have a choice in every second of your life to turn this switch off whenever you need! Now, you can fly anywhere without any restraints. Remember to turn off the switch when its purpose is served.

Happy living!!

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