Blogaton Meet @ Pune

When the climate looks enticing as Salma Hayek, you simply need an excuse to get out. My excuse was: Bloggers Meet at Dorabjee’s. Although I have been blogging for several years, I never felt the drive to shout across the world that I am a blogger. After all, millions of people in the world were blogging. I had lazily relegated my blog as a soul-less blog in the Information cornucopia that was overflowing in the Web.
After all Google wouldn’t even know of my existence. Everything seemed okay until I met a farmer. He walked inside unassumingly as a teacher to teach B2B Marketing. While I sat in his first class, little did I know that this philosopher would wake me up from my slumber and show me the infinite power available in the mother of all networks: World Wide Web. It suddenly felt exciting to be a Blogger. I realized I have been ordained with a divine purpose to exist and spread my ideas in the Web.

With this new found excitement, I decided go and meet fellow Bloggers in town.Sidoscope, Maheshisms,Smiling Planet and Incorrigible Optimist all came together to celebrate the occasion of first anniversary of Blogaton. We sheepily introduced ourselves by sharing the intimate details of how it all began. It had the same excitement a lover would have when he begins to narrate about his first love. Everyone echoed a sense of fatigue in the world of gravity they knew, you know, the real world as some of us would like to know. We yearned for a world where we could bend the rules of gravity imposed by the society to chain humans. Web gave all of us a glimpse of this zero-gravity world whose sinews were made of our ideas and our dreams and nothing else. After sharing the first love ( or should I call pupply love) experiences in Dorabjees, we decided to move to SGS Mall to celebrate the first anniversary of Blogaton. We happily devoured the cake along with steaming Momos, while we began to set the floors for discussion. It started with a discussion of spirituality. Much to our amusement, we realized that each of us had a different perspective of the world around us.

While Mahesh believed in an Objective world which existed at large without the power of network, Sidhesh and I believed in the world, to paraphrase a Quantum Physicist’s famous words, where “I” existed not just as a Noun, but as a Verb. Chetan turned out to be the simple soul who was content to see the little charms of this world.No wonder, his world was a smiling planet. Mahesh’s objective world, Maheshisms, was also concerned with the social conditions which affected our lives. The discussion ranged on a kaleidoscope of issues ranging from Quantum physics, Ramayana, Spirituality, Evolution and Religion. Everyone was happy to find their ideas buffeted by eclectic experiences. As it happens in the end of the blogger discussions, the discussion steered towards laying the foundation for a new blog to share our ideas with the world. Ah! Feels heavenly to be a blogger!