The Nature and the web

"To the extent that people separate themselves from the nature, they spin out further and further from the center. At the same time, a centripetal force asserts itself and the desire to return to nature arises"- Masanobu Fukuoka, One Straw Revolution.

While these sagacious words might have come from a farmer who was trying to understand, nay, explore nature, it is indeed beguiling to see how this quote reflects the way web is progressing and taking us towards perfection. At the outset, looking at the chaos it has created, it is hard to believe web is taking us towards nature. However, when we begin to probe further and care to look deep beyond the veneer of chaos, one can see how this is leading us towards nature. While nature says that 'An Object seen in isolation from the whole' is not the real thing, one can see the true meaning of this statement when we realize how our idealized nature has to spring out by the power of association. Take the simple case of Kwedit. While nature has shown several evidence that we are born so subliminally pure in spirit, ( still wondering, take a long walk by the gardens of nature and you'll realize what I am telling), we can experience this whenever we see tiny tots reveling in the ambrosia of their existence. All this points out how pristine we were until we began to connive to find our way in the world. The power of web, has now given avenue for us to return back to the nature. Coming back to the Kwedit example, Kwedit uses the concept of trust in networks and makes everyone uncannily honest. There is no chance but to be honest, because, you are seen through the lens of the community you belong, not in isolation. There are several examples where web is making us closer to nature. The incredible story of social media points out this fundamental human nature to connect. Every human being aspires to be bigger and more expansive than what he is currently. The sacred spirit hidden in the sinews of the human body, always wants to expand infinitely. We've never found anything so far so close to help us realize this fundamental nature of mankind.

PS: In case you've never heard of Masanobu Fukuoka, do check this out