What are you waiting for?

As the world's most popular cliche goes, We live in interesting times. Gone are those days when we used to look at classifieds to sell stuff. Gone are those days when we used to send e-cards to friends with some cool sound and graphics, especially with acquaintances to impress them. Gone are those days when parents used to put ads on Sunday Newspapers about our marital status to find us good "homely, beautiful " girls for us. Gone are those days when we depended on brokers to find homes for rent. Gone are those days when we depended on lineage and right connections to land up at the right job.

With the advent of I - age, I has gained enormous power, thanks to technology,which has unshackled all the barriers of information and pre-requisites which existed before. Most of the successful marketing campaigns are now driven by I- ers. I- ers are the latest advertising gurus. I'ers are the latest product design gurus. No wonder Apple's successful products begin with I. If the success of crowdsourcing across various companies, including biggies like P&G and millions of start ups, have anything to teach us, it is this You have infinite potential. What gives this I-ers infinite power is the access to information. However, despite sea changes happening, many have not woken up to the infinite potential waiting to embrace you.

Take the case of Job-search. While most of us have have become old enough to choose our partners, why are we still shirking the responsibility of getting a cosy job to our parental institutions(read as B-Schools) , and in few worst cases, to even our parents too.
If changing times have showcased that the good ol' idea of letting parents choose our life-partners is no longer relevant, then its high time we take reins to find the best job in town.( ofcourse I dont mean geographical town....Wake up, the whole world is in your town..Didnt you know this..?) When we begin to do that, we would choose the one which befits our attitude and our personality. Such an act of volition obviates the need to crib those good-old "my job sucks big time" stories.... So what are you waiting for....???

I know you are tempted to ask this question, "All said and done, how do I choose the best job in town"? Well, if you are reading this in internet and still asking this question, you seriously have to get out of your slumber... You are living in I-age. Wake up...