About Venky

Welcome to my home. Sometimes, I wish this page gets updated real-time, every moment an experience changes my perceptions and the way I see the world. How wonderful would it be, if I were to wake up one day and see clearly, this dynamic Me, bundled over countless lives of experiences, inside and outside me. 

I am Venkataraman a.k.a. Venky. I hail from Mylapore, a fascinating town in the south of Chennai, India. I discovered the world of Internet through the insightful lens of a farmer ( If nature is everything connected with everything, wouldn't Web follow the rules of nature?)who inspired me to appreciate the incredible diversity of life, through this medium, in every waking moment of my life. 

I like to think of Web as the grand de-institutionalizing force which facilitates the transformation of human potential, trampled so far by the hoary institutions of the past.
However, as I began exploring it further, I could also see its subversion, with the human mind's insatiable appetite for stimulation and distraction. The explosion of information, which we so eagerly waited to liberate us, extricated itself from significance. The Cyber Utopian's dream of a world without hierarchy, as I looked around, turned out to be a fool's paradise 

As I walked along the road further, I could never imagine this incredible web of hyper-links leading me to learn and appreciate Ecology, the web of life which embraces our fragile biosphere to sustain and nourish life in planet Earth. 

What do I do?
As a Social Software Consultant,I help clients build a powerful social context with their customers, employees & other key stakeholders by assisting them in deploying tools such as social collaboration- external & internal community platforms, social monitoring, social CRM & content publishing tools.

What else do I do?
7 years of blogging experience has convinced me about the power of storytelling and I enjoy crafting narratives in the digital medium which connect deeply with readers. Aside from practicing the craft of writing, I help startups tell their stories which help them & others make sense of the value they are creating painstakingly in today's noisy, crowded, online marketplaces.

As a blogger and independent researcher, I take part in various conferences across the country and share some of my ideas,thoughts and opinions. Once in a while,I interview mavericks/ entrepreneurs/ visionaries who have taken the road less traveled.  During weekends, I visit organic farms/ecological restoration projects and love connecting with people who are working towards ecological revival and sustainable living. I have been a fervent supporter of whole-some, local, organic food in my local community.

I have taken part in Climate Change discussion/conferences and spoken about the Web's potential to bring together inter-woven, local communities needed to counteract the cataclysmic forces of globalization. I am currently redesigning my career to lead an earth-friendly life. 

If you'd like to know more about me, please visit my LinkedIn Profile or follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/venkinesis

You can email me at [venky] [at] [venkinesis] dot in


Balachandran Chidambaranatraj said...

Nice blog, Venky.
I too staunchly believe in Internet being the catalyst in human life - that brings change in all realms.

Its time IT should be done a 'find and replace all' with ICT (Information & Communication Technology)

Venkataraman Ramachandran said...

Thanks Bala for your comments! I am not sure if I got the entire context of your comment about replacing IT with ICT

Hari Verma said...
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Luis Maneekam said...

Hello Venki,
How you doing? I stumbled upon your Blog last night while "googling" for some insights about "managing organization here in India"
I must say the write of yours was very impressive. Thanks for sharing a whole different perspective.
I am not sure about others, but whatever you are battling with within, certainly came bursting our like a thunder bolt and drew attention my attention for sure!

Would love to connect with you sometime. I am a Malaysian born Indian, based in Mumbai since Oct 2012 managing a US based Co ( basically came to clean it up and reset the focus)
My email: manickam-luis@aramark.co.in ( Mobile: +919167730775)
If you have the time, would love to catch up and pick your brains a little. I am an ardent reader of philosophy books. Right from J. Krishnanmurthy, Nisaargadatta Maharaj and many other Wester thought provoking original thinkers!


Naushin Razi said...

Hi Venky... Your blog has inspired me to start my own :)