Introducing A Brand New Game: Careers!

Networked World proudly presents a brand new game for the future.


For 1 to n players / Ages: 12 to n

Available on Play Store for download.

Game Description

Careers is an infinite game. You play as long as you love to play. The journey is Life. Forget the old finite game rules. No upfront investments. No more suffering from Elite Institution Cognitive Disorder. No winners. No losers. No weekday/weekend dichotomy. No work-life balance.The game doesn't end when you turn sixty. In other words, you never retire.

Life Experience, Gap Year, Failed Gotten-Hands-Dirty Projects, Work-In-Progress Prototypes, Degrees (For proxy signaling purposes alone. Not mandatory.)

Game Plan

Life Style Designer? Nomad Growth Hacker? Community Architect? Teacher? Storyteller? What do you want to do when as you grow up?

As you play around, pick the game plan that excites you.

Sisyphus Account

You play the average Startup Joe who is driven to change the world, one product at a time. You don't mind sweating it out to make big things happen. 

You are suspicious of those who are caught in the bureaucratic rut of large corporations. You frown on those who build vaporware and coast along without doing what's necessary for the long haul. Execution matters to you more than anything else.

Robin Hood Account

You play an average corporate Joe in a large MNC in the day. And in the night, you turn into a rock-star hustler in your community of merry men.

You rob from the large corporations in the day and give it to the startup community in the night to settle your day's karmic dues. Think Neo in Matrix before he gets enlightened.

Docking station Account

You play the nerdy serial Intrapreneur, perpetually busy experimenting with docking and undocking portfolios of skills you'd like to offer the market and get paid commensurately.

Your docking station provides you a simplified, risk-averse way to manage your portfolio without burning yourself out. You draw distributed streams of income, based on the energy you are willing to invest in monetizing each of your skills. Whenever you feel bored with a particular offering, you either put it on sleep mode or undock it completely, without shutting down your docking station.

Flaneur Account

This is an advanced meta game plan that will be unlocked only after you've demonstrated enough affinity towards the philosophy of gaming.

As a flaneur, you observe things around for a living. Playing games doesn't excite you as much as observing others play. You are the eternal voyager, who loves discovering newer games to be played by others. The moment you start playing by discovering new rules, newer games take shape for others to play, and the older ones drift away.

Game Play

Remember. There is no such thing as winning. There is no limit to the number of times you may enter and leave any game plan. Go through as many career games as you can, as long as you have fun managing chaos.
Image Credits: Sisyphus: Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology.Robin Hood - Creative Commons-Danielvf @ Flickr. Docking Station Wikipedia. Flaneur: Wikipedia_______________________________________________________