Do You Have an Instinct?

Nature doesn't have any currency. There is no intermediary. The transaction is direct.

When a lion pounces off on a deer and rips it apart, it doesn't go to the nearest counter to swipe the card. It finishes the deer and the transaction is over.

For everything humans do, there is a material intervention, and since the material element is critical, it is always open for analysis. You can analyze it as much as you want.

No wonder, we have bought into the idea that we can analyze everything. Of course, you can, if you make some stupid assumptions: All routes are similar; my customers are in those segments that I have defined.

For every material part that governs business, there is also an invisible non-material part, which involves human relations, which cannot be understood through analysis alone. You get that only if you develop an Instinct.

Here's the deal. Instinct emerges only when you develop strong feelings. If you don't connect deep enough, you will never get it.

You know when you mother is angry, even if she hasn't spoken a word. You really don't know what your customer wants, because you don't give a shit about him.

As we move on from the material industrial age to the non-material digital age, instinct becomes the killer app. Do you have an instinct?