On discovering our sexuality

Telugu child book on discovering our bodies

Who said you cannot judge a book by its cover? I spotted this book cover at a telugu bookstall recently. Here it tells everything and  more. It throws a flash of insight into centuries of human conditioning to look down upon sex as something ugly and unholy and remain obstinately oblivious to the natural, playful curiosity behind  discovering one's sexuality. 
Whenever little kids touch their private parts, they are immediately rebuked for touching them. Most of the children in India, growing up in their teens, are subconsciously affected by the deep dissonance they observe in how their parents approach the topic of sex behind the charade of morality and what they do furtively in the dark recesses of their private spaces. As they wade through the murky rivers of adolescence, they are left completely dazed as their hormones begin to short-circuit their normal operating intelligence. 

Thus the child who grows up into a responsible adult, carries this loud, yet unspoken uneasiness towards man's natural instinct of sex inside the cloistered realms of his subconscious. It deeply conditions his life energies and profoundly impacts his so called civilized life inside the society. I admit. The previous sentence was more from my intellectual rag-picking of geniuses than my perceptions derived from my life's experiences. 

I have long way to go before I can concentrate my energies of awareness to viscerally see how much I have been conditioned by the modern world, especially after going through 18 years of education. 

Have you read Listen, Little Man by Wilhelm Reich? It may be a good place to start to explore. 


Arun said...

Your language is really good! You seem to find the precise words rather than explain in many words. An art in itself!

BTW, is it a byproduct of working for in the consultant profession ?

Venkataraman said...

Thanks! May be..or just a little concern to the reader when he has so many things to do in our busy lives..

disqus_jpIpBGM15J said...

Nice write up. I would like to draw your attention to the work of Thomas Hobbes, a seminal figure in political philosophy who talks about a state of nature, i.e, a society without a government or any such setup regulating human life and interaction. In such a state, man would roam around like a beast, transgressing the liberty of his fellow beings. Hobbes defines Man's very nature or essence as wild and barbaric. Sexuality is one such manifestation of that uncontrolled nature, and so is man's nihilistic tendency. He advocated governments and social contracts to counter a society where in men would roam around unchecked and act as per their free will. a state of nature vs. regulated society....would be an interesting debate right ? !

Venkataraman said...

That would be interesting debate, no doubt! We are not talking of extremes here! No viva la revolucion! Frankly, I have become extremely cynical of these large terms as it comes to sound nothing. What I am interested to explore through these blog posts is something very personal. Is it possible for an individual to understand the conditioning of sexuality imposed by the society and operate in space of awareness. I want to limit the scope of these discussions within 'personal' spaces, although I am aware that the space is quite forbidden!