The voice of my Kabir: Aaj to Hajaari hanso paavano

I find it puzzling why music hasn't entered my blog home yet. Kabir, in his beautiful songs refers to the body in diverse, powerful metaphors which, upon silent reflection, opens a brief moment of awareness when the words transcend their limited nature to reveal the seed of truth. While the body is a tampura in Yeh Tan Thaat Tamboore ka, with strings that can be tuned in unison with nature and grace, the body is a bustling city in Gura to Jine where the true master resides in a private bungalow, unbeknownst to all the inhabitants of the city. 

What does Kabir say here? Or to be precise, what can I see? 

Oh Swan, don't abandon the lake
even if the water turns salty
Wandering from pond to puddle
no good will come of it. 

The lake banks are old
but the water is fresh
For the sake of old love
a swan sits here and picks at pebbles

Today the swan is a special guest
Today the king of this body is my guest

From which land came this swan, Oh friend?
To which land will it go?

It came from the navel-city, my friend
It's off to the land where the three streams meet

In the sky-dome, instruments play
Sounds echo with no bells, listen friend

I've grown thin as a leaf
My love hasn't come from his land, listen friend

Where there's no rising or setting
that's the country of my beloved, my friend!

Reign the horse, put on the saddle
It's a path of just four days, my friend

Make the journey and dismount
at the house where no one comes or goes
Kabir says to Dharamdas, the one who seeks will find

P.S:Thanks to Kabir project for the lyrics and the wonderful rendition by Mukhtiyar Ali. 

You can listen to the song here.