Tuesdays with a farmer - Science and Surrogates

This post is under the series of posts I have been writing about surrogates. You may want to check the first post here to appreciate this post better. I have further written about the prevalence of surrogates in every sphere of lives here. 

Farmer: Most of the science is a play of human mind. It isn't real. Euclid once said "Let's assume there is a line". The entire realm of human design was based on one guy saying let us assume a line. There are no lines in nature. There are no dimensions except our lens. 

Take the Pythagoras theorem for example, with the familiar measurement of 3,4,5 triangle. It works great. Try stretching the line. Take 3000 metres, 4000 metres. The hypotenuse would be no where close to 5000 metres. Only in your little microcosm, it works. Understand what science is meant for. This reality exists in your microcosm. 

It is like the game of Monopoly. There are no people moving around in the street, building houses made of little plastics mould, paying rent when they walk around. Understand this. When you play that game, it becomes real. The large part of it started when we assumed this is like this. And then it begins to get real.

Student: I recently had the opportunity to attend a program on Quantum Enigma.  It was fascinating to explore another well-known mathematical proposition: The three angles of a triangle when added together always add up to 1800.  I learned that mathematically it can be shown that if this is true, then the universe in which we live is infinite. If anyone can prove that the universe in which we live is finite, then the three angles of a triangle do not add up to 1800 – for the two are mathematically inconsistent with each other. 
Farmer: You are right. If you look at modern science, it has so far relied exclusively on indirect modes of perception to understand that vast section of reality which we cannot see directly, including mind and life, so central to our existence.  

Look at life. If today's modern man finds life empty and meaningless, it is because he never gets to experience the real. Everything was dealt in surrogates. He is thirsty for real experience. 

“Recognition of the impossibility of understanding living things in terms of physics and chemistry, far from setting limits to our understanding of life, will guide it in the right direction” – Michael Polanyi, eminent scientist