Symbiotic memories- What does it mean to say good bye?

On March 10, 2011, I will be officially stepping out of my B-School! What a jolly go ride it has been!!  Wrote this for my batch's year book! Wrote in terms of We. Would be writing later in terms of I some time later.

When we first entered Symbiosis Infotech Campus on the first week of June 2009,our hearts were filled with dreams and excitement over joining a B-School and getting into the fascinating, and last phase of our college life! We had our good times. We may have cursed our college for not standing up to our expectations! We may have been frustrated by this bloody academic system! Although the husband finds thousand faults with his wife in an arranged marriage, he inevitably begins to love her and start loving the very faults he  once despised! We started loving the college for giving us some lovely friends who always stood by our side, both in times of stupid submissions when we had to spend several hours copying stuff from Google, and in times of complete vela panti when we woke up and wondered what the hell to do !!

Now as we begin to say good bye, heart wonders what the fuck is good in this whole good bye! Drowned in a sea of memories within this cosy campus nestled by hills, we keep wading around the waters like a cute little child enjoying in the swimming pool, refusing to get up despite mommy shouting, its time to move on!!

Although we may move on with our lives, getting onto stupid jobs, falling in love with few more women before getting married, several years later, we may  want to grab this year book one day and look through the photos and all the stupid comments people have written about each other and go on a flash-back mode to those days when life was so much fun!!