The Mystery

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What's so mysterious about mystery? On a lazy Saturday morning, when my mind is lost in a maze of  scattered to-do scrap notes everywhere, I decide to shut everything down and decide to write about Mystery in my college library.  I look around. Nobody seems to be bothered about books and magazines lying around.  I see several heads tethered by ear phones, eyes imprisoned within 14 inches of laptop screens, minds plugged to the Internet, The Library of our century, The Universal mind of our times.
Doesn't Internet make a mockery of this innocuous word mystery?  I pursue arrogantly to undress the mysterious nature of mystery. Internet quickly responds to my whims with a page from Webster dictionary, describing  its origins from the word "mystes", the one who has been initiated.

Dissatisfied by dictionary definitions, I hungrily search for more information. Few clicks here and there. I am led to the dark alleys of the Internet to discover a fan who had  posted the writings of my neighborhood mystic, Osho. I hastily open three pages where Osho talks circuitously, typical of any mystic, about some of the mysterious phenomenae such as creativity, intuition and dreams etc. While I settle down to read his long-winding rant, my wandering eyes notice a banner which teases me to download one of his banned books, "The Tears of Mystic Rose". Few clicks here and there, I find myself hastily rumagging through his writings on subjects I never bothered to read.  

As it often happens in any mystic's writings, I suddenly experience an epiphany. Didn't I really set out to write something about mystery?. I look at the blank white screen staring in front of me!! I look at my watch. Two hours must have passed. It's a mystery I haven't written anything worthwhile on mystery!

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