The mountain which became a pebble

Stood the mountain with its entirety
thrusting its weight like a royal Almighty
It had plenty
But was never complete in surety

The burden seemed like the throne
The sun however shone
It took the blow of an unexpected wind
levitating with its lightness, it simply tittilated
the lonely grass standing on the corner
began to sway to the tune of the wind
soon the mountain began to realize
its melting burden
The mountain, stripped of its burden, is a pebble
ready to be carried along, repose along
with its own nature , totally at ease
with its blemishes, looking like sketches
It wondered at itself!
Oh what a lovely peble!

PS: Wrote a poem after ages at a leadership retreat in Delhi!
I wrote in one go and didnt feel like modifying it.

Would love to hear your thoughts