Mobile Application Developers Meet @ Chennai

Today’s customer is a different breed altogether. He wishes God for more apps than angels to wade through his humdrum life with its mundane chores. With Apps for everything that could be conceived, it wouldn’t be blasphemous to say that Apps are the elves of the twenty first century for the networked customer, ready to do whatever he wishes for.

He wants innovation although he isn’t willing to pay for it. Gone are the days when choice meant everything. In today’s Apps Yug, he is willing to forsake choice for simplicity. While the leading platform companies such as Adobe, Apple, Google are in a blood feud for dominance, with every player trying to create unique APIs and runtimes with nothing short of an audacious ambition to control the entire content of the Web, today’s networked customer couldn’t have asked for more. 

What does this mean for developers? 

In this blood feud for dominance built over ubiquity, Application developers are the Apostles who bring the customers to embrace the omnipresent platforms supported by the companies. These are indeed, exciting times for developers as more customers are moving away from the browsers and reclining towards hand-held devices with social features. With the growing adoption rates towards OS-based features such as location, multi-touch UI in these hand-held devices, infinite possibilities are emerging for developers to build Apps combining these whole new exciting features. 

What does the future portend for Web Apps in a country like India with more than 300 million mobile users? What are the contours of the HTML5 Vs Flash debate in the Indian context? How are the Non –Web apps catching up in the Indian market? Which is the next killer app everyone is dreaming about? Join the conversations at the confluence of the best minds in the Mobile Application Developers meet. 

The highlight of the event is the Speed Date where mentees can get to meet Industry Experts and share their ideas for ten minutes personally. Check the details here