Radio: The theater of the mind

I had an interesting session today with the Sales Head of Radio Mirchi, Chennai, Mr. Manoj Mathan where he talked about the significance of Radio Medium. Some of the points were quite fascinating.

1) Radio is the most flexible medium that's available today as it has the biggest advantage of having songs as the main content. This allows them the flexibility to spice up their main content depending on the needs of the client. The songs remain as a template which can be perfectly adapted to suit the necessity of the moment. When we contrast this with the television, we understand how big this difference is. In a Television show, the content is entirely what is shot and played for TV. When a program is played, the program is viewed in totality. It cannot be seen as jutting of programming content and songs.

2) It is second most effective medium in the category of Ad Avoidance. After SMS, Radio is the only medium in which Ads cannot be avoided. The main reason being, the ads are often played subtly and not on your face as it appears in television. For instance, the use of Underlays-branding through music of the brand, played in background, ensures that message reaches subconsciously without avoiding itself to be filtered

3) Since Radio is only about Voice, It has the quickest Turn Around Time. Campaigns can be built quickly with less cost.

4) Radio as a medium segues well into several medium, be it print or Television or OOH. Its interactive nature is its biggest strength and it can adapt itself very well.

While I was exploring about Radio, I came across this video which says that Radio leads Internet media by 7 percentage across US.

When Phase III comes in place, it will be interesting to see how this relatively new media shapes up. Moreover there is a whole bunch of opportunities in the horizon waiting to be explored with regard to Digital Radio and Internet.

If you thought this is it, wait untill you check this link out:

You can create your own Radio Station, hire DJs and stream your songs on air!! Im bowled over by the amount of incredible things happening across the Web.. Really interesting times ahead...