Hype, hoopla and Homo sexuality: Few thoughts

Often when we look at the hype all around regarding the homosexuality, I sometimes wonder what the fuss is all about. If you look and understand it objectively from the perspective of the yin and yang energies, we would realise how this entire idea of labelling some one homosexual is so ludicrous. Before I throw out my conclusions, here is my argument for the same.

Few months back, LGBT community across the entire country paraded the streets of the metros. Cross dressed men and manly woman painted themselves in rainbow colors and held placards to make a statement on their right to do what they do and still be part of civil society. The rainbow was portrayed as a metaphor to let the society understand the various hues of shades of gender that existed between the bipolar energies of masculinity and femininity. Although this LGBT community been voicing their concerns for quite some time, I recently realized their growing presence when they staged a rainbow parade in the streets of conservative Chennai.

If you look at the crux of this issue, it stems from labelling one's identity to a specific sexual preference, without understanding the truth that both the feminine and masculine energies existed in our human body. When someone encounters for the first time his/her fluctuating sexual inclinations, owing to the divergent flow of yin and yang energies, he/she immediately begins to him(her)self with a specific sexual identity. He /She labels himself gay/lesbian. The strong identity forces the person to behave as per the common behavior of the identity. This strong attached identity forces him to join that community which gives him a false sense of security that it is okay to be labelled under this sexual identity. He/She begins to then flaunt this identity.

I am not suggesting that these people should be ostracised.It cannot be denied that they should be given all the right to express their views and live the way they wish to. However, it would be wise on us to let them understand that as human beings, we are too deep to be labelled under a small identity. Infact mythologies showcase how several sexual identities prevailed in human beings. Take the Case of Arjuna, the dearest friend of Krishna. He lived as a cross -dressed transvestite for the thirteenth year during the Mahabharathas before Pandavas came out of their exile to wage war against the Kauravas. It is said that he learnt the finer nuances of archery and became a better human being during this one year. Lord Ayyappan, the Sabarimala deity of Kerala, was born from the spirit of Shiva and Vishnu, with Shiva taking the feminine spirit. Lord Vishnu had infact taken avatar of Mohini in one of his avatars to lure the demons. All these point out that such phenomenon arent aberrations that should be condemned in our society.

We, human beings, are beyond any gender/form/label whatsoever. We are so vast to be named under one phenomenon. As future brand managers, we need to understand the perils of branding human beings under specific categories.