Marriage Vs Live-in-relationships: Few thoughts

Wrote this post for case to promote Live-in-relationships. It needn't reflect my personal views on marriage:)

A bizarre accident happened few years back in Turkey. A sheep jumped off the cliff to its death. What happened next was a stunning spectacle. The Turkish shepherds saw to their amazement as nearly 1,500 others followed, each leaping off the same cliff. Incase you are wondering if this is an one-offish incident prevalent amongst 5 sensed creatures, you are mistaken. For time and again, human beings have followed this herd instinct in falling prey for one of the oldest institution of the world: marriage: a word despised by many amongst us, a word that makes some jittery and yet there are others who still believe in the sanctity of such a union and respect it. Innumerable jokes have been made about the institution of marriage. Yet, every person who laughs about it gets stuck into the rut of this antiquated system, lured by the cushy gooeyness in the early stages of marriage.
When do we actually think of marriage? As soon as we reach a marriageable age after slogging all through the way for a cosy job, parents and the society begin to haunt us with those dreaded words, “settle down”, the palatable euphemism that has become synonymous with marriage. The most incredible thing, which makes it even more appalling, about marriage is how the society so coldly ignores the fulcrum of the institution of marriage, the workings of a healthy relationship, to time and forces beyond one’s control. Most of the marriage journeys begin as a dangerous treasure hunt without any clues to find the treasure of happiness. This treasure hunt has only one certainty. Compromise. The present Gen-Y generation can no longer stand to compromise. With economic freedom in place, social freedom has to follow. Live-in relationships provide a suitable way by which relationships can work smoothly without the heavy burden of commitment. Unlike popular myths, live-in relationships are no longer about transactional relationship. Live-in relationships work on the greatest truth of life: Change is the only constant in this world. With the advent of globalization, live-in relationships have become the magic pill that can cure the illness of the system of marriage. Several couples have begun to start their lives together by cohabiting together to understand their partners in totality which ensures that their relationship remains fool-proof. Its heartening to note that few governments have shed their old mindsets and are now willing to embrace the change. Live-in relationships is no longer illegal in several cities of our country. Relationships are all about living in harmony. Although Social mores set the tone for living in a society, they have to adapt to the changing times. May there be change for the betterment of lives.