Joy Fest @ Symbiosis - A night to remember

Mortal Happiness often comes in various configurations. Such configurations sink the major chunk of our toxic memories and let us revel in the precious moment for a while, showcasing trailers of what it means to be happy. However, once in a while, we are treated with immortal happiness which defies all those popular configurations of happiness and let us wallow into the most beautiful part of this existence. The students of Symbiosis Infotech Campus were fortunate to have this treat during Joy Fest 2009 on 3rd October 2009.

With few minutes left to start the event, the atmosphere was a heartening picture of chaos all around with kids running across the proscenium with paper-pulp flower petal caps and red ribbons while enthusiastic future managers were using all their precious negotiation skills to rehearse the bhangra steps taught to the kids. The programme began with kids running towards the centre stage to sheepishly flaunt their English language skills. It was a treat to watch their happiness unfurl with innocence while they mumbled their introductions. It was followed by song and dance of invocation to the almighty. It was followed by the eagerly awaited petal dance. While two students danced to welcome the spring, the harbinger of happiness and wonderful days ahead, the kids from Prayatna, with faces painted with joy and gratitude, donning their cutesy paper-pulp flower petal bands rushed in to greet the students eagerly waiting for their arrival. They ran to embrace the goodness of life and the hope which beckoned their lives amidst towering adversity. Life offers us few moments of blissful happiness, which apart from letting us enjoy the moment, makes us feel grateful for all the riches provided by the Divine Providence That divine moment was too sumptuous for my soul to let myself enjoy the rock show and few dance performances which ensued.