Happiness Inside, Sorrow Outside

PS: Yet another posts which make me feel awkward as I read it today. 
I know at the first blush, this title seems like the famous Intel’s quote Intel Inside…Idiot Outside. However, this seemingly innocuous quote contains the entire mystery behind happiness. Happiness simply lies within. I am sure most of you reading this, wouldn’t accept this. You would say, how can I be happy being inside, simply looking within? Come on, Happiness lies in enjoyment to the core. It lies in savoring the best things the world has to offer to us.

Well, I don’t blame you. Let me try to explain this with an example. We all love sweets. Yours truly is an addictive chocoholic. Let us imagine. I give you a big rosagolla (For the uninformed, it’s a famous Bengali sweet. No amount of description would suffice the beauty of rosagolla. Just run to any Indian sweet stall and you are sure to find one) You take it in your hand; you look at its spongy elliptical shape. You put it in your mouth. You take the first bite. Your molar tooth pierces through the milky skin and juices flow through your tongue and the crevices of your teeth. You squeeze the slimy skin and extract all the juice in it and it gradually slips down through your mouth. Yummy!! It feels great. You feel so elevated. Now, I give you twenty rosagollas and I ask you to eat it. You’ll feel ok when you are eating the fourth one and by the time you finish the twentieth, I am sure you ll feel bored and sick of eating. Now, let’s analyze this.

If happiness were inside the rosagolla, it should have multiplied with eating more. However it didn’t happen…Why? What does this prove? Rosagolla is just an object which makes you feel good. Rosagolla, when in touch with your senses, secretes the enzymes which make you feel good.

I know I’m making you feel hungry. Let us think of another example. Many of us love to smoke. When the day is bad, you exhume all your frustrations through the smoke of nicotine. One of my friends used to say that whenever he smoked, he felt that he was exhausting all the iniquities outside. I am sure all the gals reading this, would frown at me, reading this. Blame it on genes, or Anbumani Ramadoss, most of the gals hate smokers. A very close friend of mine whenever she saw someone smoking felt averse towards him. Let’s analyze this, the same cigarette which gives pleasure to one, gives pain and hatred to the other. So does happiness lie in the cigarette?? The answer is a big NO. It lies within one’s perception.

If we were to look at the ambitions of most of the people, it can be easily summed up as the pursuit for happiness. However we attach too much baggage to the external objects for our happiness and end up being miserable. We become so much dependent on the extraneous environment for our happiness that it begins to bind and enslave us. Caught up in this quagmire, we lead our lives in desperation. Remember this; you don’t need any reason to be happy. You need a reason however to feel sad. Infact, there is nothing called as sadness. It is simply dearth of happiness. Sadness grows on words. Without words, you cannot be sad. You don’t believe me?? Now simply recall the saddest moment without describing about it to yourself. I am sure it won’t last for long.

You may ask, how do I bring about happiness from within?
The whole world is gung-ho these days about Yoga. It has in fact overshadowed the famous aerobics and other exercises. What is the difference between exercises of those kind and yoga?Awareness. When you do any exercise with full awareness, then its effects manifold. In a similar way, whenever you do anything, just ask yourself “Am I really aware that I am doing this?” Bring in a sense of awareness in every action. Happiness will automatically spring up in every action that you do.

I often read in newspapers regarding huge parties thrown for birthday. I am not against it. We 
celebrate our existence in this world with our loved ones. Think about this: Why not let the whole world celebrate your birthday? Let time celebrate your presence. If we are happy and full of life, every organism in this world will celebrate our presence…Not just a single day, every moment of life then becomes a celebration.