Love on wheels

PS: My first blog post ever written! I feel funny reading most of it now!. 
I was walking down the swanky magdalla highway gobsmacked by the seamless traffic flowing down the newly built concrete roads. As I was returning down the corner lane after a gruesome day of my college, I observed a pretty unusual thing. The corner lane was swarmed with two wheelers. I could also see Romeo and Juliet lost in their world above the wheels. When Jamnalal Bajaj had ventured his Bajaj company even in his wildest dreams he would have imagined that Bajaj bikes would turn out as Multiple Activity Vehicle with Cupid striking chords amidst

Carburettor and spark plugs. Alas! Silencer cannot exhaust its frustrations out as the vehicle is turned off. Let me make few confessions out first...Am neither A VHP activist nor a Shiv sainik who loves ransacking the mom n pop gift stores on Valentine's day in the name of Hindutva. . . Im no misogynist either...I belong to the metro sexual tribe where love gets carried in the fallopian tubes along with ova while we are born. What really puzzles me is that why do we need our Bollywood love stories to be played on streets where we have wide access to all kinds of movies, thanks to sprawling DVD stores around the corner.

With your valentine by your side you forget the world. Spirits reach stratospherical heights..
Love metamorphoses you into Adam and Eve (albeit with clothes) and takes you on the time machine to the Eden. You are totally oblivious to the world in which other denizens like me are living. I am also aware that by pointing out these things i may be branded as an old conservative. However my concern towards the gullible ones who might be led astray due to these examples doesn’t bother someone calling me fuddy-duddy for my observations. College is a microcosm of the society. People from different milieu come together in this melting pot. Bright youth with great dreams coming from the country who have never come across such things in their places could take inspiration from them. Thanks to these couples, our college has already a group of voyeurs who set out every evening to watch these couple in live action. Interestingly along with voyeurs couples from our college also venture out in dark corners of the roads with their multi activity vehicles.

Our president Abdul Kalam has high hopes on the budding youth of Modern India. Let us not shatter his dream by creating a nation of peeping toms.