Introducing A Brand New Game: Careers!

Networked World proudly presents a brand new game for the future.


For 1 to n players / Ages: 12 to n

Available on Play Store for download.

Game Description

Careers is an infinite game. You play as long as you love to play. The journey is Life. Forget the old finite game rules. No upfront investments. No more suffering from Elite Institution Cognitive Disorder. No winners. No losers. No weekday/weekend dichotomy. No work-life balance.The game doesn't end when you turn sixty. In other words, you never retire.

So, Are you a Thought leader?

What is Thought Leadership?

Yes, the question is "What", not "How".

I know, Thought Leaders love "How" more than anything else. Nevertheless, I am going to resist my temptation, and inquire on "What".

First things first.

There is no such thing as "Thought Leadership" in the abstract. It exists in the mind of perceivers who are led ahead to think by those who think ahead to lead. And what each one thinks it is is what it is. 

Do You Have an Instinct?

Nature doesn't have any currency. There is no intermediary. The transaction is direct.

When a lion pounces off on a deer and rips it apart, it doesn't go to the nearest counter to swipe the card. It finishes the deer and the transaction is over.

For everything humans do, there is a material intervention, and since the material element is critical, it is always open for analysis. You can analyze it as much as you want.

No wonder, we have bought into the idea that we can analyze everything. Of course, you can, if you make some stupid assumptions: All routes are similar; my customers are in those segments that I have defined.

Networking is BS and Other Truths About Building Relationships

Few years ago, when I used to work for a large consulting firm, Networking was the in-thing.

You could see the word everywhere. Inside work cubicles with motivational posters urging you to not simply work, but network to achieve collective goals. Even inside dining rooms which probably meant that you better have a working lunch to get your net work done with, well, eating business.

You could hear the word everywhere. It probably won the first prize for a million dollar quiz question sponsored by the Human Resources Department: Tell me one good buzz word which will be uncritically lapped up by everyone - from CEO to Managers to colleagues.

Do you want to get noticed by Principals to vroom up your career graph and do exciting stuff? Do you want to switch teams to other greener pastures outside your comfort zone? Do you want to get a favorable rating in the labyrinthine 360 degrees performance evaluation process? 

Woody Allen And the Truth About Enterprise Collaboration

I love Woody Allen's movies. How can any writer not adore this auteur with a sweet tooth for words on celluloid? In one of his masterly creations, crafted with his giddily effervescent energies, To Rome with love, Woody tells the story of a mortician Giancarlo (Fabio Armiliato) who loves to sing in the shower. The trouble is that the man sings well only in the shower. And so, when a grumpy retired Opera director(Woody himself) decides to promote this tenor's talent, he installs the shower cabinet, soapsuds and all, in the theater.

Digital Transformation Delusion

The term "Transformation" doesn't ring too well in my ears. There is something axiomatically pejorative about it, when used in a business context. That the term is liberally used by technology consultants, prescribing bright, shiny objects for pain points within an organization, is widely known. Its deeper implications in the way we perceive and formulate change isn't. 

Before I inquire further, let me share the provocation which triggered it.

41 Ways to Probe Employee Engagement

Can I be brutally honest?

Employee Engagement can be a bitch.

If you’ve spent a lot of time addressing this pain in the patootie through shiny little objects for your clients, you would know what I am talking about.

You can either blame it on the Digital Utopia hype piping in the air right now. Or on the enterprise collaboration vendor’s popcorn content which pops in, every now and then, with fantasy stories about the digital workplace, conquering the evil forces of hierarchy, breaking the tyranny of emails, and promising us the ego-less, networked paradise where humans live in harmony with machines of loving grace.

When Bad UX Led to Serendipitous Customer Experience

The best of the brains in the industry are spending too much resources on persuasive technologies and too little on appropriate technologies. Why?

It was yet another day at work, burrowed inside slides and excel sheets, quietly nibbling away my body’s energy and my laptop’s virtual memory. It took me a second longer to notice my wife calling from home.