Why Venkinesis?

If you are reading this, let me confess something to you.I don't take my opinions/rants too seriously. Whatever I wrote yesterday, sounds funny today and I am sure, would sound funnier tomorrow. Then why bother writing ? You may wonder. 

I look at this blog as a chronicle of my perceptions, thoughts,belief-systems evolving over the limitless landscape of time, inviting me to see the truth, hidden mysteriously inside the picture, beyond the words, yet in between. 

Have you ever felt that the faster you run towards something, you  suddenly wake up one day, to pause, look behind and wonder, "Did I really run so fast for this?"  Have you ever experienced that tint of embarrassed acknowledgement in the crannied canvas of your mind when you reflect on the childish naivete of your concepts and definitions, gathered like dust accumulated over years of company with fellow human beings.

This blog medium( and the web at large) reminds me of the fluid nature of perceptions, often conveniently forgotten when I am so captivated by them. What captivates me soon  lures me to captivity.  

I like to think of them as dikes that were originally built to fend off high waters, those magnificent blue seas of human existence, seething with passion, agony and ecstasy; in short,full of life. Dikes seemed to reassure me, albeit temporarily, that I am being protected. However, they are no match to the intense, powerful waves of human experiences which mauls them over again and again, every time the little mind conspires to build them.

Enlightened masters attribute one of the causes behind human suffering to this  human predicament which seeks self-preservation in every sphere of our inner lives, starting from the body, ego, intellect across the diverse forms of mental constructs - thoughts, beliefs, concepts and personality-stacked up for its survival.

These wise men tell me that except for the body- whose reflexes and instincts are driven by the fundamental need for self preservation, everything else can be destroyed and created new, each and every moment as needed. My blog is my earnest meditation to be consciously aware of this kinesis, movement, and witness the shift that unfolds, when I am sailing happily across these beautiful waves of human experience.

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