Unmessify Your Life

For the longest time, those who lived around me had reasons to complain about how I kept the stuff around me messy. "Creativity thrives on chaos. And I thrive on chaos" was my stock answer. It was my last line of defence. I must admit in all honesty, my defence has been weakening.

Ever since I came into "gig" life, I have begun seeing the power of organizing things both in my digital home where my representations live and my meatspace home where the city of my body(Kabir calls it Kaya Nagari) lives- and begun "unmessying" stuff around me.

I remember reading a powerful line recently from Gandhi's diaries: "Dirt is matter displaced". Haven't you observed that particular instinct to organize your shelf whenever you feel your mind is all over the place?

Once you "see" how the mind is influenced by displaced matter, you discover the power of organizing.

Let's face it- We live in our minds more than houses. It's our permanent residence. No constraints of square-feet. Vast space with unlimited area. And no matter how well-organized your stuff is, it all makes sense only when it is sorted in your mind.

It is natural for life to turn messy – regrets piling up in the corner, expectations stuffed in a closet, secrets brushed under the carpet, worries littered everywhere, comparisons spilt on the table, egos leaking from your wares, and grudges stinking from socks unwashed.

You can't outsource this housekeeping to someone else!
You have no one other than yourself to get your house in order. !