Left-Over Products

Time for an Indian Food quiz.

What connects Locho, a Gujarati fast food originating from Surat, with Pav Bhaji, a well-known popular fast food originating from Mumbai?

Let me give you a clue. It is the same thread which connects Flickr and Slack.

Both are fast food items which originated from the left-overs of cooking experiments which went awry. If you dig the name deeper, the answer is a give-away.

Locho comes from Locha, meaning problem. Locho is made from the gram flour, originally meant for Khaman and Bhaji, using he left-overs of vegetables left unused Likewise in the product world, for the uninitiated, Flickr came from a tool which was originally built for a shelved multiplayer game called "Game Neverending" and Slack came from an internal tool that was built for another defunct game called Glitch. If you are an enterprising cook or a tenacious product chef, the moral of this tale is simple.

Always have an inquisitive eye for the left-overs. You never know what you can cook from them.